Systemic Work

Who we are, we owe to the family into which we were born. We owe what we are like to the dynamics within our families. And we have unconsciously drawn conclusions from that and unconsciously based beliefs on it.

With Systemic Work, we focus on how your (family) system influences you. Constellations make subconscious patterns visible. For example, why a particular problem keeps showing up. Or why a certain goal can not be achieved. Those insights can gain access to you on a deep and emotional level, so that old patterns can be released and wounds can be healed.

Any system can be set up: family systems, organizational systems, even disease systems. All necessary movements to show you what is really present, for you to accept and to understand what you need to do.

The founder of Systemic Working, as we know it in the western world, is Bert Hellinger (1925-2019). But the laws he has described are as old as the Universe itself. For centuries these laws have been known to shamans, priests and other consecrated people around the world. Bert Hellinger has also done research and made it accessible.

If you would like to investigate a question or issue by using a constellation, please read further for fees and signing up.

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