De ijsberg staat symbool voor het bewuste ten opzichte van het onderbewuste

PSYCH-K® is a method developed by Robert M. Williams that transforms limiting beliefs. Cell biologist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton endorses this method.

Beliefs, which hold you back from fully living your life, are converted into supporting beliefs. In this way you can create peace and harmony within yourself. You will also discover that you can more and more lead the life you aspire to live.

By using the knowledge of kinesiology and the brain functions, processes in the brain can be activated by means of images, sound and movement, which ensure a lasting, fundamental change in one’s own system.

Because this method works on changes in the subconscious mind, new behaviors will happen naturally. For example, you do not have to prepare yourself mentally for ‘difficult’ situations. You will find that you can handle them with ease.

PSYCH-K® uses brain dominance theory to easily transform beliefs that sabotage you into supporting beliefs. This applies to all areas of your life, like financial prosperity, self-esteem, health, relationships and career.

Is this happening in your life?

  • you experience overwhelming emotions on a regular basis
  • you fear to get burned out, if you continue living like this
  • you suffer from a certain obsession or image in your head, you just can’t get rid of
  • you suffer from negative and/or limiting beliefs

An PSYCH-K®-session might be suitable for you.

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