For whom?

For people who want to live emotionally unencumbered.

Living emotionally unburdened means that you can handle emotions well, so that they pass ‘through’ you and cannot become a burden.

Suffering from emotions happens when we

  • are not able to properly process the negative events in our lives.
  • do not know how to stand up for ourselves in difficult situations both privately and at work.
  • do not have a solution to our problems.
  • identify with emotions.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more sentences?

  1. You are – almost continuously – focused on others. How they feel and think about you.
  2. You have difficulty setting your boundaries.
  3. Even though you appear confident, you still doubt yourself whether you are good enough.
  4. You have experienced something traumatic (eg sexual abuse, narcissism, loss), which makes you feel uncomfortable.
  5. You just can’t get past a certain event or emotion, so you start avoiding situations.
  6. You feel that you can and want more, but something is holding you back from living your full potential.
  7. You are not the friendly, fun mother or partner you would like to be, because something incomprehensible is ‘brewing’ within you.
  8. You sometimes just don’t know what to do with your feelings.

Somehow you long to:

  1. live from within yourself, to just enjoy being who you are.
  2. stop being afraid of emotions.
  3. feel complete.
  4. be able to accept yourself as you totally are.
  5. leave the past behind and enjoy what you have now.
  6. flow from victimhood through being a survivor to just living your life.
  7. be content with who and where you are in life.
  8. be a fun and energetic person.

Practice ‘Being who you are’ guides you in giving yourself permission:

  • to be who you are
  • to treat yourself mildly and lovingly
  • to embrace yourself
  • to ‘go with the flow’
  • to approve yourself

Does this appeal to you and do you want to feel YOU again?
If you’ve done it before, you can probably do it again (!)

I can guide you in helping yourself to start living emotionally unburdened.

Whatever you’ve been through,… it’s never too late to live your full potential!

“My name is Asha

And my mission is to coach educated, self-managing women on how to resolve emotional pain so that they can remember how GREAT and completely LEGAL they are in all facets of their lives. And that they are able (again) to LIVE their deepest desire.

Because I believe that when you are EMOTIONALLY FREE… you can be who you are.

And being who you are is the best way to live your full potential!

As my client, you can count on my attention, discretion, clarity, honesty, warm heart and listening ear.”

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