Will I ever be good enough

There you go‚Ķliving your life with all your talents, nice friends, diplomas, great job, titles, beautiful children, testimonials, handsome husband, rich life, nice house, nice haircut, nice neighbors, … but someone just looked at you in a funny way or said something that felt ackward to you. And as you process it, you get the good old feeling: “See…., I’m not good enough”.

Well, this may happen and if it occurs occasionally, it does not have to be a big deal. You can then check whether it is true what has been said, or find out how you can deal with the feedback or decide which issues you could improve, and so on.

But if “I’m not good enough” is the background music to your life, it could be that there is more to it, because it might be that you were raised by a narcissistic parent.

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