As a Transformational Life Coach I use one or more methods during a session. Think of it as my toolbox. Sometimes I stick to one technique and sometimes I combine several techniques. All methods work with the subconscious.


This stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and consists of intervention techniques. It is a technique that helps you neutralize and discharge intense feelings. First we tune in to the negative feeling and then we tap specific places on the body, to feel the feeling and to discharge it. Read more?


This is a technique that can transform limiting beliefs. By using the knowledge of kinesiology and the functioning of the brain, processes in the brain can be activated by means of images, sound and movement, which ensure a lasting, fundamental change in the own system. Read more?


This acronym stands for “Will I Ever Be Good Enough?” and describes Dr. Karyl McBride’s model for the treatment of adult children of narcissistic parents. In this model I also use intervention techniques to release any intense feelings. Read more?


This way of working focusses on how your (family) system influences you. Constellations make subconscious patterns visible. For example, why a particular problem keeps showing up. Or why a certain goal can not be achieved. Those insights can gain access to you on a deep and emotional level, so that old patterns can be released and wounds can be healed. Read more?


Has this awakened your interest and are you curious how I can guide you? Please contact me for an appointment.


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