How to deal with a narcissist

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  1. Radical acceptance: This is it.
  2. Realistic expectations: It will REALLY NEVER CHANGE 
  3. Be less involved
  4. Don’t take things personally: It is never about you, it is all about him/her
  5. Stop explaining yourself: He/she will not listen
  6. Stop defending yourself: He/she will not listen
  7. Stop trying to fix it: see point 2
  8. Surround yourself with healthy people, who will help you to dismantle ‘gaslighting’ 
  9. Don’t use his/her background story to NOT hold him/her accountable for his/her behaviour: Self-preservation is a right!
  10.  Focus on the here and now: “Nice moments from the past are no guarantee for the future 
  11. If possible: avoid contact: It is a fulltime job!

“Self-compassion works the same way against the narcissist as kryptonite does against Superman”

Dr. Ramani Durvasula


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