EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, consists of intervention techniques and is evidence-based  for depression, exam anxiety, weight control and PTSD. Cell biologist Dr. Bruce H. Lipton endorses this method. It is a technique that helps you neutralize and discharge feelings. First we tune in to the negative feeling and then we tap specific places on the body, to feel the feeling and to discharge it.

A very brief explanation of the biochemical effect of EFT:
Fear is stored by glutamate in the amygdala (brain stem). GABA and serotonin release the learned fear compound. Tapping stimulates the production of serotonin in the prefrontal cortex. This causes GABA to be released. And because of that, glutamate can no longer hold onto fears.

You immediately experience relief and in the days after you’ll notice that something has changed fundamentally.

Physical complaints
EFT helps to reduce and sometimes even solve some physical complaints. This technique can even be used as a supportive treatment for stalled recovery processes and chemotherapy.

Emotional complaints
EFT is very helpful in reducing emotional distress., like fears, phobias and traumas. And it can help changing deeply rooted negative beliefs that keep you from feeling well.  EFT is very useful when you are having trouble to overcome certain events or hurtful experiences. It helps to really process heartache and pain, and makes room for forgiveness, love and happiness.

Is this happening in your life?

  • you experience overwhelming emotions on a regular basis
  • you fear to get burned out, if you continue living like this
  • you suffer from a certain obsession or image in your head, you just can’t get rid of
  • you suffer from negative and/or limiting beliefs

An EFT-session might be suitable for you.

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